Mission Statement

Our mission at BraveLiteraryWorld is to encourage, support, and sustain individuals through the reading of classic literature.

A classic is any work of literature that generates intelligent discussions on human issues such as grief and loss, love and joy, and hope and transcendence. Navigating everyday realities is challenging at every stage of life. Classics then become important resources that can guide, inspire, and comfort readers in whichever situation they inhabit. By educating people on how to read classics and highlighting certain themes, Braveliteraryworld hopes to increase access to this function of classics.

We want to emphasize that our definition of classic literature includes texts from all cultures. Traditionally, classics have been restricted to the Western canon, which in turn is heavily dominated by American and British texts. Limiting the pool of what counts as a classic excludes valuable perspectives, silences unique voices, and hinders our mission to encourage, support, and sustain. Consequently, here at BraveLiteraryWorld, we refuse to privilege one nation’s literature over another’s. Furthermore, we welcome and value all comments, as long as they are respectfully made. In turn, we promise to be respectful to each and every one of you.